Bo and Chambon

Cardinal Charles Bo made a dramatic intervention in the international debate about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic (UCA News April 2), laying the primary responsibility squarely on the door of Chinese Communist Party. His courage surprised me, but the article is very accurate and fair. I am happy that “The Tablet” reported it very positively.

On the same UCA News (April 20) a French “theologian” Michel Chambon came out to attack the Myanmar’s Cardinal: “Cardinal Bo spits in China’s face”. I could not find anything theological in the article of this “theologian”, with such an emotional title, and its content is gratuitous and even self-contradictory.

He says: “I agree with Cardinal Bo that lies and propaganda have put millions of lives around the world in danger.” That’s precisely the main substance of Cardinal Bo’s article.

But Chambon says “it is inaccurate”, because “Western Governments are also responsible, they refused to take (the available information) seriously”. Again Cardinal Bo said the same thing: “Criticisms can be made of authorities everywhere, many Governments are accused of failing to prepare when they first saw the corona virus emerge in Wuhan.”

But Cardinal Bo says also “there is one Government that has primary responsibility for what it has done and what it has failed to do (they suppressed the news and silenced the whistleblowers)”.

Chambon accuses Bo of “politically dividing the world”. That is gratuitous. The one who inflicts calamity on people, and his victims are rightly put on two opposed sides of the division, but there is nothing political in this.

And here comes the astonishing statement in Chambon’s article: “Insulting the China regime is also spitting in the face of the nation which supports it”. Anybody with a little knowledge of China would laugh at it and consider the time wasted in reading this “theologian” and “anthropologist studying the Church in China”.

With people like Michel Chambon there would never have been a French revolution.


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