A very disappointing German DW News!

Two weeks ago I was interviewed (video recording) by DW (Deutsche Welle) News, which was one of the many interviews, that I granted to different foreign agencies.  After then, I have been very busy and could not follow up closely with these interviews.

Today, I incidentally came across this interview on YouTube, and I felt disappointed, even enraged.  My interview came out as the first half of a news piece, the second part was the interview with a so-called “our religion correspondent”, what obviously turned out to be the “correction” of my “personal views”, it was a malicious manipulation of a friendly old man.  I am not accusing the reporter, but the editor of the news piece and the Direction of the Agency.

If you found that my position did not correspond to yours, you could have declared it when sending the piece out, or even sent it back to me apologizing for not able to use it.

If you had a plan in the first place to fight against my views, you could have easily cited my quotes online.

Instead, you requested an interview which I could not refuse (to a so prestigious agency) , but then you let someone negate my words and position (by parroting what the Vatican said), leaving no room for me to defend my ideas.  This is utterly disgraceful and dishonest!

I could keep quiet and pretend not to have realized my own naivety, but I think it’s my duty to help others not to repeat the same mistake.

Just out of curiosity: is your agency financed by your Government or by the Chinese?


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