Letter to the Cardinals (27 September 2019)

27 September 2019

Dear Rev. Eminence,

I am sorry for having to trouble you with this my mail, but something terrible has been done by the “Holy See”, which concerns the whole Church, and so concerns you, as a Cardinal, responsible to help the Holy Father is leading the Church.

On 28/6/19 a document was issued by the Holy See “Pastoral guidelines of the Holy See concerning the civil registration of clergy in China”. It encourages the clergy (and faithful) in China to be members of a schismatic Church (independent from the Pope ed obedient to the communist Party).

On the 1st of July I presented my “dubia” to the Holy Father, he promised me on 3rd July he would look into the matter, but I have heard no word since.

Card. Parolin says: when today the word “independent” is used, should no more be taken in a absolute sense, because in the “Agreement” they recognized the special role of the Pope in the Church.

First of all, I doubt there could be such clear affirmation in the agreement, unless I can see the agreement (is it not strange, that I, a Chinese Cardinal, am not qualified to have a look of it?)

More cogently all the facts, after the signing of the agreement, prove that nothing has been changed in the religious policy of the country, … things got worse.

Card. Parolin quotes from the letter of Pope Benedict one sentence completely out of its context, in sharp opposition to the meaning of the whole paragraph.

Such manipulation of the thought of the Pope Emeritus is a grave insult to the person of a living Pope.

It is also repugnant for me to hear these people protest that they are acting is continuity with the recent Popes; the opposite is true.

I believe strongly, and I hope, one day to be able to prove with archive material, that the agreement which has been signed, is the same which Pope Benedict, before his retirement, refused to sign.

Dear Eminence, can we assist silently to this complete distruction of the Church in China at the hand of those who have the sacred duty of protecting it?

begging on my knees, your brother

Card. Joseph Zen, S.D.B.


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